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Basic and Advanced Courses on Qualitative Research Methods

The network Qualitative Research at the Charité offers basic and advanced courses on qualitative research methodology.

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The network Qualitative Research at the Charité offers basic and advanced courses on qualitative research methods. The courses are creditable within the doctoral environment of the Charité and are usually offered once per semester.

The basic course and the advanced courses each comprise 3 hours of classroom instruction as well as 12 hours of self-study before and after classroom instruction and are each awarded 0.5 ECTS. All courses are held in German language. Excellent German language skills are therefore required.

Participation in the advanced courses is only possible if you have previously completed the basic course, unless you already have experience with qualitative research methods.

You can register via the network's email address. Attendance in class is only possible if you have completed the preparatory tasks. You will receive the certificate after sending the follow-up task.

Please understand that we must exclude you from further participation if you do not attend. Vacant places in the doctoral environment are a nuisance for everyone, as the events are often fully booked and waiting lists exist. Please therefore only register for a course if you can see that you have sufficient resources for the workload of 15 hours per course (0.5 ECTS).

Basic Course - Details

The course provides an overview of basic knowledge for scientific work with qualitative methods of empirical social research. It explains the difference to research projects with quantitative methods, sheds light on the special scientific theoretical background and the ethical challenges of qualitative methods, and it gives a first overview of the manifold possibilities of data collection and data analysis. The knowledge gained in the basic course can be specifically deepened in advanced courses on qualitative methods.

Learning objectives

The participants shall ...
- Know and explain the basic differences between a qualitative, a quantitative and a mixed methodological approach.
- be able to deduce the choice of a certain scientific method from a scientific question
- be able to prepare the qualitative method part in a scientific exposé for an independent scientific work

Advanced Course Data Collection - Details

The advanced course on data collection covers the following thematic blocks: field access and sampling, forms of qualitative data collection, practical exercises in conducting interviews, and ethics and data protection in the collection of qualitative data.

In the preparation and follow-up phase, the research question will be formulated and differentiated and the own assumptions on the research topic and research field will be reflected upon. Which data collection method makes sense for your own research question and which approaches to the field exist and appear to make sense? An interview guideline will be formulated and relevant data protection questions and ethical aspects of the planned work will be reflected upon.

Advanced Course Data Analysis - Details

The advanced course on data analysis in qualitative research comprises the thematic blocks data organisation, data evaluation methods and their practical application in research, theoretical instruction and practical exercise on data description, as well as theoretical instruction and practical exercise on data analysis.

Preparation and follow-up of the course include literature study on different approaches to data analysis and transfer to one's own research question. The organization of the qualitative research data, if already available, will be reflected upon, alternatively questions of transcription and pseudonymization will be reflected upon.

Advanced course writing - details

In the advanced course, participants deepen their knowledge of writing up qualitative study results. The advanced course "Writing" covers the topics quality criteria and data protection in the writing process, organization of results as well as possibilities of presentation of survey and evaluation method(s), results and discussion. In addition, the publication process is discussed against the background of divergent journal guidelines. In addition to practical tips for one's own writing practice, there will be room for questions and topic suggestions from the participants during the seminar. Preparation and wrap-up of the course will include a comparative literature review of different ways to write up and publish qualitative research, followed by a short written elaboration - also with regard to own research data, if already available.