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Making Qualitative Research Visible

Qualitative research approaches are an established part of the social, human and health sciences' methodology. However, they are little noticed in medical science.
At the same time, qualitative research results are highly relevant, for example, with regard to the daily routine of care, the integration of patient perspectives or the improvement of health services.

The Qualitative Research Network at Charité therefore aimes at making the methodological and substantive research competencies at the Charité more visible for health-related and medical qualitative and mixed-methods research, linking researchers in this field, students and doctoral candidates. Doctoral students will be supported in working with qualitative methodology.

The experts of the network represent courses on qualitative research methods at Charité and beyond. For example, fundamental qualitative research skills are taught at the Charité as part of the dissertation environment. The experts of the network also advise individual students and doctoral candidates who wish to apply qualitative methods in their work.

In their own research projects, the researchers of the network show their diverse competences and extensive knowledge in the various approaches of qualitative methodology, e.g. of the work with participatory observation, narrative interviews, grounded theory, qualitative content analysis according to Mayring, thematic analysis, etc ..
In method workshops and through supervision and intervision, the researchers support and advise each other. Research results are discussed and methodological approaches reflected. Employees of the Charité, who feel addressed by the work of the network, are welcome to participate with their own input.

The Qualitative Research Network at Charité is a member of Plattform - Charité Versorgungsforschung.